Island Hopping

Your Langkawi holiday isn't complete without any island hopping activity. You will be transported into another world where you can admire the amazing natural wonder of the magnificent geopark. In fact, Langkawi is surrounded by many beautiful surrounding islands and is a pleasure to behold when you are there. 

The trip around the archipelago begins with a boat ride to the legendary Pulau Dayang Bunting, also known as Island of the Pregnant Maiden. The myth of this island started when a beautiful princess, Mambang Sari and Mat Teja fell in love. Mat Teja met Mambang Sari at this very same lake and was enchanted by her beauty. Seeking advice from a wise old man, Mat Teja finally managed to win the heart of Mambang Sari. 

They lived happily and Mambang Sari bore Mat Teja a son. However, their happiness was short lived as their precious baby died soon after. Undergoing tremendous pain, Mambang Sari decided to lay her child to rest in peace by the lake. She then blessed all the childless and infertile women to be conceivable after bathing themselves in the lake.

A 15 minute walk into the island bring you to the lake where the spectacular view actually depicts the outline of a 6 to 7 month pregnant lady, lying on her back. Yet another mystery about this place is the fresh water lake. Take a walk around the lake and you will see the "Miracle Border". A narrow wooden bridge will lead you there. It is called "Miracle Border" because it signifies the slim borderline between the lake and the sea. Surprisingly, the lake is not salty even though the distance from the sea is a mere 30 meters. Are all these events just a coincidence or a mystery? You decide.

There are also activities such as swimming in the lake, solar boating, boat paddling and even canoeing for you to enjoy. The most natural form of fish spa is also found here. Dip your feet into the lake water and enjoy as the hundreds of catfish nibble away at your dead skin.

Proceed with your adventure by watching the eagles. The experienced boatman will bring you to a spot in the middle of the sea, surrounded by mountains of lush forests. Watch carefully as the eagles swoop down in one swift motion to nab the food. Admire the beauty of the many eagles soaring majestically up in the sky with their wings spread apart in fully glory. 

After all the excitement, head on to Pulau Beras Basah to wind down. This island is an excellent spot for sunbathers and beach lovers. The soft powdery sand and turquoise waters are a calming sight. Laze around the beach, play water sports, or just relax and do nothing here at Pulau Beras Basah.

Dayang Bunting

Make your way up the steps of Pulau Dayang Bunting leading to a large and beautiful lake in the center of the island. The journey to the centre of the island is a pleasant one, with trees shading you from the afternoon sun, It's quite an uphill walk, so be prepared to hydrate yourself with a bottle of water. Your reward is the cool, calm waters of the Pregnant Maiden, where legend has it that a fairy princess once fell in love with a mortal, and conceived a child - but alas, the child dies.

The couple buries the child, and the fairy princess blesses the lake so that any woman who has difficulty to conceive will be blessed with the child if she drinks water from the lake. So, if you're looking to conceive, this is the best spot to drink up!

Eagle Watching

If you'd like to add eagle watching to your list of '1000 Things To Do Before You Die', then head to Pulau Singa Besar. This is an activity that takes only minutes, but it's a once in a lifetime experience!